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How it all began and how it is now:

In 1993, we were asked if we could imagine selling Vipassana literature. Because we lived very far away from the nearest Vipassana centre, we were happy to takeover a dhamma work, so we decided to give it a try. Initially, it consisted only of distributing the evening discourses on cassettes and in book form. But little by little we added more Vipassana books and tapes which we stored and packed in a room at our home (this is still the case).

At first, we copied the tapes ourselves but, as more and more people asked for it, we could no longer afford this time and hired this task out to a company with which we still work today. We created smaller catalogues and sent these to interested Vipassana Meditators and Vipassana centres. However, since the costs were getting increasingly higher and the book trade was changing so much, in 2000 we made a larger investment and had an online shop set up. Again, we received lots of positive feedback which always motivated us to continue. As you can see, everything keeps changing and we are confident that the new shop will take us in the right direction, especially with the downloads.

If you are in the area, you may also like to drop by our home; simply give us a call beforehand.