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A Pali-English Glossary of Buddhist Technical Terms

by Bhikkhu Nanamoli
A Pali-English Glossary of Buddhist Technical Terms
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The distinguished English Scholar-monk Bhikkhu Nanamoli is well known among students of Pali Buddhist literature for his meticulous translations of Pali canonical and commentarial texts. In the course of his translation work, Ven. Nanamoli had compiled a comprehensive glossary of Pali terms, primarily for personal reference and to share with a few fellow-scholars. This glossary contains philosophical and psychological terms of a technical nature, as well as words and wordmeanings not in the Pali Text Society`s Pali-English Dictionary. To date this glossary has existed only in the form of a few rough typescripts, but it has now been issued by the BPS in a printed edition to assist a wider circle of Scholars and students of Pali Buddhism.

The present glossary consists of two parts: (1) the original technical glossary, with close to 3.000 entries, providing meanings, textual references, enumerations, and sources for definitions and discussions; (2) a set of supplementary glossaries collected from the compiler`s notebooks giving lists of grammatical terms, names of plants, months and seasons, numbers and measures, and Sanskrit logical terms.

Published by Buddhist Publication Society, 1994