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Key to Pali Primer

by Lily de Silva
The answer to the exercises in the Pali Primer
Key to Pali Primer
8,10 €

The pali Primer by Lily de Silva published by Vipassana Research Institute is an introduction to Pali grammar for beginners. It is based on the principle of teaching grammar through composition using a gradually expanding vocabulary. Exercises requiring translation from an into Pali form an integral part of each lesson.

Many students who found this book very useful have requested that the answer to the exercises in the Pali Primer be made available. Prof. Lily de Silva graciously consented to compile the answers. The book also contains a list of errors occurring in the Pali Primer with corrections.

It is hoped that this book will be of help to those interested in learning Pali, the mother tongue of the Buddha.

Published by Vipassana Research Institute