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The Dhammapada,

by Acharya Buddharakkhita.
The Buddha´s Path of Wisdom.
The Dhammapada
10,90 €

The most beloved Buddhist classic of all time, the Dhammapada is an anthology of over 400 verses on the ethics, meditation, and wisdom of Buddhism.

An anthology of 423 verses spoken by the Buddha, the Dhammapada serves as the perfect compendium of his teachings for study, reflection, and contemplation. This popular edition from the Buddhist Publication Society transmits the spirit and content as well as the style of the original, skillfully combining clarity and vigour of expression with careful fidelity to the meaning.

The inclusion of the Pali text gives students of Pali immediate access to the original. A long introduction describes the structure of the Dhammapada and shows how the work embodies the essential teachings of the Buddha.

Published by Buddhist Publication Society, 1996